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Estimate, Estimation, Cost Management

A pragmatic approach: how enabling works can improve project success.

February 17, 2022 Civil Bites 6 Comments


Enabling works is a general explanation for site preparation works that may happen preceding work under the principle construction contract. Essentially, site preparation refers to the execution of certain exercises that should be taken to guarantee the greatest well-being and security and that construction activities won’t be impeded. Site preparation is done prior to the building Enabling Work.

Site preparation or site clearance as it is more regularly cited is basically returning to the drawing phase. It is a significant step of the construction process and includes the expulsion of waste to guarantee that a region or stretch of land is liberated from any risks and that the work can begin from a fresh start before setting up the land for its ideal use. Site preparation basically makes the construction site a blank canvas where civil engineers and designers can apply their drawings without any obstructions. 

Enabling work is the absolute initial phase in most construction projects. It covers practices from site planning, and building access courses to setting up well-being signs and introducing security fencing. The outcome is a site that empowers not just construction groups and materials to enter and start work securely and productively, but adjoining structures and frameworks to continue to work securely and without hindrance.

Cost Management, Estimate, Estimation, Civil Engineering, Whole Life Cycle Costing, Enabling Works, Infrastructure
Cost Management, Estimate, Estimation, Civil Engineering, Whole Life Cycle Costing, Enabling Works, Infrastructure

Who Executes Enabling Work?

Civil engineering, demolition contractors, and construction contractors execute enabling works on construction sites. Demolition contractors are hired especially when there is an undeniable continuum between site preparation and site clearance, for instance with the maintenance of exteriors of past structures, or with mass digging work during the expulsion of structures. Engineering and land inspection are among the variety of services needed for enabling work. These inspection services are offered as a package by contractors. The other services are: 

  • Perilous material evacuation
  • Utility confinement
  • Environmental agreements 
  • Logistics
  • Archaeological and legacy examinations
  • Security
Cost Management, Estimate, Estimation, Civil Engineering, Whole Life Cycle Costing, Enabling Works, Infrastructure
Cost Management, Estimate, Estimation, Civil Engineering, Whole Life Cycle Costing, Enabling Works, Infrastructure

Safety Goals in Enabling Works

The health and safety goals involved in Enabling works may include:

  • No vulnerability to unsafe substances and cycles
  • No casualties 
  • Limit and additionally eliminate the risk of chronic sickness or injury to workers, Sub-Contractors, and others including the overall population
  • No risky events
  • Zero Accident. 

Estimate, Estimation, Cost Management
Estimate, Estimation, Cost Management

Enabling Works and Project Success

A project will be contemplated as accomplished when it is finished on schedule, within the financial plan and the quality is fulfilled by all. Achievement additionally can characterize as many preferable outcomes over the expected or regularly acquired in terms of cost, timetable, quality, and security. The significance of ‘achievement’ itself has gone through many changes because of the contribution of countless partners in today’s complex project circumstances.   

The idea of project success is created with models and guidelines to assist members to finish projects with the best outcomes. Nonetheless, this idea remains to some degree a riddle as there is no consensus on what should be the basic achievement models on construction projects despite a few investigations. A venture is viewed as a success when it accomplishes the technical exhibition details and missions, and additionally, a significant degree of fulfillment concerning the project results among association, project group, and clients. The fruitful achievement of cost, time, and quality goals is viewed as venture success. 


A project can complete on the scheduled time and within budget if no hindrances on the construction site appear. The aim to complete the project at an estimated cost and execute the operations safely is possible with enabling works. Civil engineers and contractors can indicate the unsafe areas on land which will help the designers in altering the design plan and commence the construction work on the suggested safe areas on land. For instance, if proper site preparation has not been conducted on the construction site, it may happen that a building is built in an unsafe area that can eventually become the reason for hazardous accidents on the site. In turn, this could harm the site, workforce, and overall population. This would increase the operational costs of the infrastructure.

This is why enabling works play a crucial role in the construction project’s success. The success of your development project depends entirely on the ground quality whereupon it stands. Before any construction project can get in progress, the site should be ready by experts to guarantee that it is protected to commence work and prepared to utilize. The inability to complete the fundamental and required site clearance and preparation steps can bring about labor force delays, impede structure permits and harm to the general project plan. 

Estimate, Estimation, Civil Engineering, Cost Management, Whole Life Cycle Costing, Urban Regeneration, Infrastructure

Generally, there are four project success aspects of time dependency. We are not going into the details of the four project aspects; we are only highlighting the factor of time in the four aspects.

The principal aspect is the period during project execution and just after the project finishes like a fulfillment on schedule and financial plan. Enabling works make it possible to complete a project in due time and the expected cost. Without the occurrence of any obstructions, the project can be completed in time, provided that the hindrances are indicated beforehand by civil engineers in enabling works practices. 

For a construction project, it is essential to inspect the construction site extensively to indicate the safe areas for construction and the primary reason for that. A professional survey is a necessity to any development project and never a choice, to guarantee that all right steps have been taken and the labor force knows about the land they are working with. A site inspection study is basically the rejuvenation of your construction project through the assessment of the land to decide if the arrangement can go on or if any critical changes should be made.

Issues in building sites

It is accounted that 80% of issues experienced on building sites are down to unanticipated ground conditions that might have been kept away if a Site Investigation Survey was done at the beginning.

Project development includes different things like structure site preparation, which will require the cognitive ability of the contractors. If the site preparation isn’t done accurately, it will adversely affect every task that will be done on the site. Therefore, it includes the intellectual capacity of civil engineering specialists. 

For civil engineers and different specialists to do their work, they need to have full admittance to the site. One of the advantages of site preparation is that it eliminates each type of obstruction from the way. If this was not done at first, it would disrupt the project’s scheduled timeline. This, thus, will increase the cost of the project.

Final Thoughts

Enabling work is the general description of site preparation or site clearance activities. Enabling work is the first vital step in the construction process. It is significant to understand the land before commencing construction on it. The extensive understanding of the site in question is developed by enabling works. With the detailed insights of civil engineers and contractors regarding site preparation, a construction project can be completed within an estimated budget and time. Thus, enabling works plays a crucial role in the overall success of a construction project. 


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