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Whole Life Cycle Costing (WLCC) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) are both approaches used in project management, specifically in infrastructure and civil engineering government-funded projects, to assess the total cost of a project

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Civil engineers play a critical role in designing and constructing infrastructure projects that significantly impact society. One of the challenges they face in quantifying the social values associated with these projects, such as

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If you're involved in developing a business case for a transport infrastructure project, it's essential to ensure that it's financially viable and provides value for money. The Green Book 2022 and DfT Value

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Transport infrastructure appraisal and cost planning are critical components of any transportation project. This guide provides expert insights into the process, including case studies and best practices for success. Whether you're a transportation

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HM Treasury's The Green Book provides instructions on how to evaluate policies, programmes, and projects. Additionally, it offers advice on the planning and correct employment of monitoring and evaluation before, throughout, and after

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Most transportation advancements over the past 50 years have been steady and incremental, emphasising expanding the capacity of current infrastructure to handle rising demand. This new technology will change how people travel daily.

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The 4Es model is a framework that can be used to evaluate public sector projects' Value for Money (VFM). The 4Es stand for Economy, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Equity. Each of these elements can

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APPROACH NUMBER ONE:The Green Book 2022 is a guide to appraising public sector investment projects in the UK. It guides how to quantify the social value of transport infrastructure projects, including the following:Time