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In the realm of civil engineering, assessing and mitigating the environmental impact of projects is of paramount importance. As we strive towards a sustainable future, understanding and quantifying the carbon emissions associated with

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Carbon quantification plays a pivotal role in understanding and mitigating environmental impacts in the quest for sustainable civil engineering projects. At the early stages of design maturity, engineers employ two fundamental approaches: the

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Whole Life Cycle Costing (WLCC) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) are both approaches used in project management, specifically in infrastructure and civil engineering government-funded projects, to assess the total cost of a project

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Parametric estimating is a cost-estimating technique that uses historical data and statistical relationships to develop models that can be used to estimate future costs. It is a valuable tool for construction companies, as

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The Green Book is a set of guidelines issued by HM Treasury on how to appraise policies, programmes, and projects. Government departments and agencies use it to assess the costs and benefits of

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In recent decades, global urbanisation has accelerated human population expansion, requiring more material resources. Construction uses 32% of natural resources (Yeheyis et al., 2012). However, this figure is lower than in the 1990s

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Regarding infrastructure construction, clients may be tempted to choose the lowest-cost option to save money. However, this decision can come with serious risks. In this article, we'll explore why selecting the lowest number

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Planning and maintaining control over projected expenditures is necessary for cost management in construction projects. This is relevant to all the project's knowledge domains. Actual expenditures are proportional to work completed; however, completed

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Introduction Technologies are progressing rapidly, and there is a consequent lack of current components and devices, requiring industries to continuously update and modify current technologies to ensure their long-term use. As a result,

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The building industry has a substantial influence on the environment. Construction and maintenance of buildings and non-building structures need natural resources and technological nutrients. The limitation of their use in building projects is