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Transcript: Glass reinforced plastic is a material that has many applications in modern society, from homes to cars. It's been around for decades but it's still finding new and innovative ways of being

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Transcript: Hydrogen Strategy Hydrogen homes look ordinary, but this small change can make a big difference. For example, a hydrogen cooker gives orange flames rather than blue flames and only emits water vapor

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Transcript: Hello everyone. Welcome to my podcast Civils Bites. My name is Charlie, I am your host for quick, distilled, and discussed civil engineering and cost management matters. Today's topic will cover Circular

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Transcript: The upcoming years for us will be critical. As we are increasing non degradable pollutants, soon there will be a time when the earth will turn into a bin. Hi, my name is

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Transcript: Circular Economy, Sustainability, Mobility, Civil Engineering, Whole Life Cycle Costing The need for a circular economy on a global scale is no longer just a discussion on the future, it is the