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The International Guide to Developing the Programme Business Case provides a comprehensive overview of the key elements of developing a project business case. It is designed to help project sponsors, executives, and other

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" The Green Book outlines the principles of appraisal and evaluation, the overarching policy framework, generating options and longlist appraisal, shortlist options appraisal, and valuation of costs and benefits. It also includes non-market

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The Better Business Cases (BBC) approach is an internationally recognised best practice for developing a business case. This podcast outlines the key steps in the process and guides using the Five Case Model,

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Transcript: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time for transition. We are switching to Electric Vehicle. And the UK plays an important role in this transition. The UK can expect to see fewer

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Transcript: Glass reinforced plastic is a material that has many applications in modern society, from homes to cars. It's been around for decades but it's still finding new and innovative ways of being

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Transcript: Hydrogen Strategy Hydrogen homes look ordinary, but this small change can make a big difference. For example, a hydrogen cooker gives orange flames rather than blue flames and only emits water vapor

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Transcript: Hello everyone. Welcome to my podcast Civils Bites. My name is Charlie, I am your host for quick, distilled, and discussed civil engineering and cost management matters. Today's topic will cover Circular