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In transport infrastructure projects, ensuring value for money is essential. This means that the benefits of the project should outweigh the costs. Several key metrics and techniques can be used in the appraisal

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Hello! I understand that enabling work in civil engineering can be complex and challenging. Enabling works are typically the initial stage of construction projects, which involve preparing the site and making it ready

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Statutory undertakers are organisations or bodies with legal authority to perform certain functions or provide specific services. These undertakers may have a scope of work that is either contestable or non-contestable. A contestable

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Civil engineers play a critical role in designing and constructing infrastructure projects that significantly impact society. One of the challenges they face in quantifying the social values associated with these projects, such as

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Appraising the cost of major diversionary works for statutory undertakers can be a complex process that involves careful consideration of various factors. Cost Management, Circular Economy, Whole Life Cycle Costing, Civil Engineering, Enabling

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Cost management for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is essential for the sustainable operation and success of the business. Here are some strategies that can be adopted to manage costs effectively: Analyse Costs:

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If you're involved in developing a business case for a transport infrastructure project, it's essential to ensure that it's financially viable and provides value for money. The Green Book 2022 and DfT Value

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Transport infrastructure appraisal and cost planning are critical components of any transportation project. This guide provides expert insights into the process, including case studies and best practices for success. Whether you're a transportation

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Transport infrastructure planning is a complex process that requires careful consideration of various factors, including cost, efficiency, and sustainability. However, implementing effective planning strategies in the early stages of a project makes it

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The early stages of design maturity are crucial for ensuring success in civil engineering projects. During this phase, one crucial aspect to consider is enabling work, which involves preparing the site and surrounding