The Hilarious (and Slightly Terrifying) World of Infrastructure Estimation

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Welcome to the not-so-secret world of infrastructure cost estimation, where budgets are a constant dance and deadlines are more of a suggestion than a rule. Confessions of a Cost Estimator is your one-stop shop for the sometimes frustrating, often hilarious, and always fascinating realities of building the infrastructure we rely on daily.

Our Mission:

We peel back the curtain on the world of cost estimation, revealing the challenges, triumphs, and unexpected detours encountered by the people who make sure our bridges, tunnels, and roads are built on more than just wishful thinking.

What value do we bring?

  • Real Talk & Relatable Humour: We ditch the dry jargon and embrace a lighthearted approach, using humour to connect with listeners and readers while tackling complex topics.
  • Data-Driven Insights: We don’t just tell stories; we back them up with facts and figures to ensure our content is informative and valuable.
  • Actionable Tips: Learn from our experiences (and mistakes!) to navigate the complexities of cost estimation and become a savvier infrastructure professional.

Who is this for?

This blog/podcast is perfect for:

  • Infrastructure Enthusiasts: Dive deeper into the fascinating world of building the world around us.
  • Cost Estimators & Project Managers: Gain valuable insights and share your experiences through conversation and community.
  • Anyone Curious About Infrastructure: Learn the hidden costs, unexpected challenges, and the ingenuity that goes into building a sustainable future.

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