Project Costing: A Thriller Genre, Not a Spreadsheet Exercise 

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All right, infrastructure enthusiasts, buckle up! Forget the latest whodunit; the real nail-biting plot twists are happening in project costing!  

As cost estimators, we bring our expertise to the table, crafting budgets and meticulously planning for every scenario. However, infrastructure project costing has a way of throwing curveballs that would make even the most seasoned thriller writer envious, highlighting the crucial role we play in navigating these challenges.

Project Costing

Why is the project costing more like a heart-pounding thriller than a calming spreadsheet exercise? Here’s the plot twist:

  • The Surprise Villain: Unforeseen events – think permitting delays, material shortages, or hidden historical artefacts – can emerge from the shadows like a villain in a suspense film, throwing our meticulously crafted cost estimates into disarray.
  • The Cliffhanger Change Order: Just when you think you’ve reached a stable point in the project (financially speaking), a change order swoops in, leaving you hanging on a cliffhanger, unsure of the impact on the budget.
  • The Double-Cross by Data: Incomplete or inaccurate data sets can be like a double-crossing informant in a spy movie, leading to underestimates and unexpected budgetary peril.
Project Costing

But fear not, fellow infrastructure enthusiasts! We’re not just damsels in distress when it comes to project costs! We’re resilient, and here’s how we fight back and rewrite the ending:

  • As cost estimators, our role is crucial in the project planning process. Being involved from the start equips us with a comprehensive understanding of potential challenges, providing a roadmap to navigate the plot twists before they become full-blown budgetary thrillers.
  • Scenario Planning: Considering different project cost scenarios – the old three-point estimate (best case, worst case, and most likely) is like having a team of consultants predict every possible plot development. We can be prepared for the unexpected and ensure the budget isn’t left screaming in the face of unforeseen events.
  • Ensuring data accuracy is not just a task. It’s a mission. It’s like rigorously checking an alibi in a mystery novel. Verifying our information avoids any nasty budgetary surprises lurking in the shadows.
  • Constant communication with stakeholders is not just a courtesy; it’s a necessity. It is critical to keep them informed about potential cost fluctuations and the reasoning behind our estimates. This transparency ensures everyone is on the same financial page and ready to face any plot twists together.

Look, a bit of suspense is inevitable in infrastructure projects. But by employing these strategies together, we can transform project costing from a white-knuckled thriller into a collaborative success story, where each of us plays a vital role! 

What are your experiences with the “thriller” aspects of project costing? Have you ever encountered a plot twist that would make a Hollywood writer jealous? 

In the comments, share your stories (and any tips for keeping your project budgets out of the danger zone)!

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