Hide and Seek: Finding the Hidden Costs in Your Infrastructure Project 

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All right, esteemed infrastructure enthusiasts, let’s play hidden costs hide-and-seek, a game we all know and love! 

Our game of hide and seek is no child’s play in the infrastructure world. It’s a battle against those cunning hidden costs that lie in wait, ready to ambush our meticulously planned budgets.

hidden costs

Why do hidden costs play such a fantastic game of hide and seek? Here’s the lowdown:

  • The Complexity Creep: Infrastructure projects are intricate beasts with countless moving parts. Unforeseen site conditions, last-minute design changes, or permitting delays are just a few of the sneaky little things that can send hidden costs scurrying out of their hiding places.
  • The Data Disconnect: Sometimes, communication breakdowns or incomplete data sets can lead to underestimates. Think of it as playing hide-and-seek with a blindfold on—the hidden costs have a distinct advantage!
  • The Underestimation Illusion: Humans are naturally optimistic. This can sometimes lead to underestimating the actual cost of a project, leaving hidden expenses to flourish in the shadows.

But fear not, my fellow infrastructure enthusiasts! We’re not just helpless victims in this budgetary game of hide and seek. 

We have the power to outsmart these sneaky hidden costs with these effective strategies:

  • Early Collaboration: Bringing cost estimators into the planning process from the beginning allows for a more comprehensive understanding of potential challenges and their cost implications. Think of it as having a map of the hidden cost’s favourite hiding spots.
  • Thorough Site Investigations: Just like a good game of hide and seek requires an exhaustive search of the environment, a meticulous site investigation can uncover potential problems before they become hidden cost headaches.
  • Scenario Planning: Considering different project scenarios (best case, worst case, etc.) allows for buffers built into the budget to account for those unforeseen expenses that love to play peek-a-boo.
hidden costs

Remember, hidden costs are an inherent part of infrastructure development. But armed with these strategies, we can turn the game of hide-and-seek from a budget-buster into a conquerable challenge! 

What are your experiences with hidden costs in infrastructure projects? Have you ever outsmarted a particularly sneaky expense? 

Share your stories (and any tips for winning the game of hidden-cost hide-and-seek) in the comments!

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