The “Just Wing It” Approach: When Intuition Overrides Data in Cost Estimation 

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Let’s be honest, folks. In the world of cost estimation, there’s a certain mystique to the seasoned veteran who can eyeball a project and spit out a number with unwavering confidence. We’ve all seen them – the cost estimation gurus with an internal “construction cost calculator” implanted in their brains.

Don’t get me wrong; experience and intuition are valuable assets in cost estimation. But let’s face it: Sometimes, that “wing it” approach can lead us down a path paved with unexpected costs and project delays.

cost estimation

Here’s the truth: more than relying on gut instinct is needed in today’s complex infrastructure landscape. We need to be armed with the power of data. Historical data, market trends, and industry benchmarks are our weapons of choice in the battle against inaccurate estimates.

cost estimation

So, how do we strike a balance between experience and evidence?

  • Embrace the data, but don’t discount experience. Use data as your foundation, but factor in your knowledge of similar projects and potential risks.
  • Document your assumptions. Clearly outline the reasoning behind your estimates to ensure transparency and facilitate future revisions.
  • Communicate openly and collaboratively. Discuss your estimates with stakeholders early and often to manage expectations and address concerns.

Combining experience’s wisdom with data’s power can ensure that our cost estimates are not just educated guesses but reliable roadmaps for successful infrastructure projects.

Now, confession time! Have you ever witnessed a situation where intuition went awry in cost estimation? Share your (hopefully) lighthearted stories in the comments!

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