Why My Shower Thoughts Are Never About What to Eat for Lunch (It’s Always About Infrastructure Costs) 

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Let’s be honest, folks. We all have those moments in the shower where brilliant ideas strike. But for a cost estimator like me, those “aha!” moments rarely involve the day’s lunch menu. Instead, my brain becomes a mini-infrastructure cost-analysis factory, churning out calculations and potential scenarios faster than you can say “escalation clause.”

Why is the constant barrage of budgetary brainwaves affecting your infrastructure project? 

Infrastructure development is complex; even the most mundane details can have cost implications.

  • The “Traffic Cone Tango Traffic Jam”: Just visualising the impact of lane closures on traffic flow (and potential business disruptions) can send my mind into a cost-calculation frenzy.
  • The “Material Mixtape in My Head”: Are steel prices fluctuating? Are concrete curing times impacting the schedule? These factors weave a constant financial melody in the back of my mind.
  • The “What-If Whisper”: Every project has its own set of “what-if” scenarios. My brain helpfully (or perhaps annoyingly) plays out each one, calculating potential cost ramifications.

A study by Dependbuild, a construction industry resource, highlights the impact of even small cost overruns on infrastructure projects. The study focuses on the frequency of change orders, which are modifications to the project scope that can lead to cost increases. It demonstrates how even a few change orders can significantly impact budgets.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade this for the world! Being a cost estimator is a challenging but rewarding profession. But sometimes, you have to laugh (or at least chuckle) at the constant presence of infrastructure costs in your head.

So, what are your “occupational shower thoughts”? Do you ever find yourself analysing costs in unexpected situations? Share your stories (and any tips for quieting the budgetary chatter in the shower) in the comments!

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